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Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezer

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Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezer


  • Practical and Convenient :
    Up-right type of Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezer is designed to make good use of laboratory. 4 divided shelves allows to keep and use samples conveniently.

  • Centralized Control System :
    Centralized Control System allows you to see current situation of operation. We believe this model will be your good partner for your research and development, business.

  • Automatic Voltage Boosting System :
    Automatic Voltage Boosting System is equipped, so Deep Freezer is protected at any situation.

  • Voltage Checking System :
    You will feel safety as Voltage Checking System protects you all the time by check the current voltage situation.

  • RS-232 :
    You can check/store operating condition of deep freezer and temperature can be controlled on the remote site.